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Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving Service

We can Laser Mark,  Laser Engrave, and Laser Cut many different types of materials . 

With both CO2 and Fiber laser capabilities and a table size of  up to 28" x 40"  we have the capacity to cut and engrave large items.

Many Plastics, Wood, Paper, Fabric, and lots of other materials cut quite well.

We can also laser mark many items such as anodized aluminum, powder coated and painted parts, bare metal, and other items for part identification or advertising. 

If you have a project in mind please contact us to discuss it.

Laser Engraved Scorpion Image
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Laser Marking

Laser marking of motor housing
Laser engraved motor housings

Laser engraving of part numbers and information on powder coated motor housings.

Laser marking on black anodized aluminum parts.

Laser marked black anodized rings .jpg
Laser Marking of anodized aluminum parts
Laser Marked Aluminum part.jpg
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Laser Cutting of Non Metallic items

Laser cut ring design

A four foot diameter complicated shape cut out of  several layers of acrylic plastic.

The protective paper is still in place.


Laser cutters are great for making signs.

We made this entryway sign with the laser. 

Various laser cut shapes from various materials.

eggie lenovo1 copy.jpg
Laser cutting acrylic plastic parts

Engraving on a custom trophy we made.

We produced 20 of these trophy's with different categories for an awards show.

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Point of Purchase Laser Engraved Displays

We can make displays for your products for point of purchase sales, trade shows, and events.

These displays were cut out and engraved out of Baltic Birch with our laser.

What type of display can we make for you?

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Laser Engraved Beverage Containers

Laser engraved company logo cup
Laser engraved Bronco Cup and Flask
Laser engraved Jeep cup
Bronco water bottle laser engraved

We can engrave all types of items with your business logo or what ever artwork you would like. Let us know what we can engrave for you today!

FF Base Background
 Laser cut barn pattern

These patterns were made with the laser out of acrylic plastic and wood.

Laser cut model part fence
Model Barn Front Porch

We can make models or patterns with the laser.

These laser cut and engraved patterns were used to create molds and cast resin parts for this barn model.

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