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Ferrari Fabrication can produce all types of mechanical devices and mechanisms for

prototypes, toys, models, props, and special rigs for commercials and film.

For our industrial clients we also make fixtures and jigs to handle tooling needs such as

locating parts, routing, trimming, drilling, Etc.

We also build specialty equipment such as Vacuum Forming machines for thermo forming plastics and vacuum chambers for de-airing silicone's and other chemicals.

If you need some sort of  mechanical device, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Custom Heavy Motorized Rotational Base For Art Piece

base 1 copy.jpg
Motor base_edited.jpg
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10 copy_edited.jpg

Rotating base with motor and electrical components installed, transformers, speed controllers, etc.


Custom built Commutator for transmitting six electrical circuits up through a rotating shaft. 

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12 Foot tall metal rotating support structure in progress.

1c copy_edited_edited.jpg
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Small Mechanisms

geicoguy copy_edited.jpg

Motorized Magnet suit for a Geico Insurance commercial. On cue the magnets would simultaneously rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise.

small mech copy_edited.jpg

Small effects mechanism

for a toy commercial.

Motorized mechanical eyeball mechanism 

with opening and closing eyelids.

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Large Mechanical  Fabrication

We built this aluminum framed nose cone for a full size rocket mock up display.

It is 11 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter.

It split into two parts to help with shipping and to allow for display with only one side attached at a time.

Nose Cone Frame
Rocket Nose Cone.png
Welding framework
Welding aluminum framework_edited.jpg

The aluminum parts for the framework were Waterjet cut and then welded together.

Cone Parts.jpg
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Custom Made Vacuum Forming Equipment

Laika vf.jpg
smallvf copy_edited.jpg

Several custom built Vacuum Form Machines of varying sizes that we have made for other companies.

We can build a machine for you to your specifications.

Custom Vacuum former.jpg
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Various Machined Parts and Components

Machined-threaded-blocks .jpg
Mount- plate_edited.jpg
FF Base Background
fixtures copy_edited.jpg

Various router and drilling fixtures for accurate drilling and trimming of fiberglass parts.

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