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Ferrari Fabrication builds all types of Models and Props.  We build oversize models, scale models, looks like and working models,  study models, displays, and more.

We build them for commercials, film, product developers, still photography, toy companies,  just to name a few.  With over 25 years experience we can build what ever it is that you need.

Scroll down to see some examples below.  Contact us if you have any questions.

 Ferris Wheel Model For an American Tourister Print Ad

Model of a ferris wheel for a photo shoot
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This Ferris wheel model was 30" tall and used for an American Tourister Ad campaign.

Ferris wheel miniature model
Model ferris wheel 3 ft tall
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Miniature Instrument Models For a Beer Commercial

Miniature instruments for beer commercial
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"Robit"  Robot Model For a Microsoft Project

Robot Model small prop for advertising
Robot model for advertising

Final product complete with light up power button.

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Robot model in progress

In progress.

Drawing reference for robot model

This was the art provided to build "Robit " .

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Custom Barn Themed Mailbox

Barn Model Prop
Custom Barn Prop
Barn porch custom model
Custom made Barn themed Mailbox

We built this custom barn themed mailbox that matches the actual barn on the clients ranch.

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Oversize Product Props

Oversize prop for Buger King
Oversize Burger King Chicken Fries Prop

We made this 4 foot tall oversize Burger King Chicken Fries Box.

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Oversize props for trade shows and events. 

A Melona Popsicle, A DNA collection tube, and a 6 foot tall package of Liquid IV.

Oversize Popsicle Prop
Trade Show Pharmaceutical Prop
Oversize Product Prop Liquid IV
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Rubber Action Figure Characters 

Custom rubber character action figures

We made a short run set of 20 rubber character figures . These are depicting two musicians as they appeared in a music video. The art that was provided is in the top panel, a few of the actual figures we made are in the bottom panel.

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Pair of rubber action figures
Characters painted head custom prop

A head after final paint.

We made 20 of each character. they were 10" in height.

Group of custom made rubber action figures
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A Solar Storage Battery Wall Prop  " How Not To "

Battery Wall prop for tv commercial

This prop was supposed to be a home owner made " How Not To" version of a Solar Power Storage battery. Which doesn't go well when powered up, as seen in the video clip below.

Implying it's better to leave this type of work to professionals.

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All of the batteries for this prop were fake safe lightweight replicas. We made  Car,  Motorcycle, and Lantern batteries we also made lots of fake AA, 9volt, and D cell batteries all with fictitious brand name labels. Below are some of them and the knife switch used in the commercial.

Fake car battery props
Fake Lantern Battery props
Fake Motorcycle battery props
Electrical Knife Switch Prop
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Humvee Model for Dante's Peak film

Humvee model prop from Dante's Peak movie

We made patterns , molds, and three fiberglass 4.5 scale bodies, about 40" in length.

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 Humvee's on bridge Dante's Peak movie

A Still from the film of the model Humvees on a washed out bridge.

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Two Miniature prop Humvee for film

A pair of Humvees in the works.

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MVP Trophy for a Hyundai commercial with Brett Favre

Brett Farve with prop Trophy

Frame capture from commercial.

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Prop football trophy used in commercial

Final product, clear urethane cast top with gloss black acrylic base.

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Various Props

Oversize Mennen deodorant prop for tv commercial

Oversize deodorant prop for a Mennen commercial.

Gold disco ball prop for commercial

A 16" Gold Disco ball for a commercial, apparently

Gold disco balls are hard to find...  Who knew?

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Rubber ducky used in Wells Fargo ad campaign
3D computer code prop for advertising

Computer code growing in a planter box for a Panasonic ad.

Rubber Duck for Wells Fargo ad.

Oversize fuel gauge prop
Oversize fuel gauge prop for Buick commercial

Oversize Fuel Gauge for a Buick Onstar commercial approximately 10" diameter.

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Holiday Decorations For Universal Studios

Trolls Christmas Ornament

These ornaments for Universal Studios were  20" in diameter and had a clear convex dome with a gradient colored  tint  covering the image. We made different  12 styles.

Christmas Ornament Universal Studios
Plastic formed ornament parts

Formed plastic parts ready to be assembled.

The Ornament were mounted to poles at the entry way to Universal Studios. 

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Hello Kitty ornament
Minion Ornament Prop
Large Shreck ornament
Shrek Donkey Ornament
Trolls ornament large display
Frog Ornament
Po custom made Christmas ornament
Grinch custom ornament
Large Minion custom ornament
Grinch Dog character ornament
King Julien custom ornament

The different styles of ornaments and installed at Universal Studios.

Universal studios display
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Light up ornament display
Dog bone ornament
Group of custom Ornaments

This style of ornament was 29" in diameter.

Ornament mounted to light up base.

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Rubber prop Knives and Screw drivers for stunt work

Rubber switch blade knife props
Rubber switch blade knifes for stunt work
Rubber Screw drivers prop for stunt work
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20,000 Leagues under the sea Dive Helmet & Tank

Prop costumes for 20,000 leagues under the sea movie

We built 3 sets of helmets and tanks, and harpoons for a kids version of 20,000 leagues under the sea TV movie.

Custom made dive helmets for 20,000 leagues under the sea movie
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