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We make lots of silicone molds, in fact we have literally made over eight tons of them! 

No, Really, not kidding... 


If you just need a simple open face mold, or a complicated multiple part mold we can handle that for you.   We cast urethane resin parts as well,  rigid, flexible, or foam, and elastomers and rubber parts for safe stunt props.  Below are examples of some of the parts and molds we have made.  Including some of the various materials we have cast them from.

Custom Prop for Brett Farve Commercial.jpg
Cast resin custom football trophy prop

A cast clear urethane trophy for a Hyundai commercial with Brett Favre.

Custom made silicone molds with castings

A group of small two part silicone molds and the cast parts that came out of them.

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These 10" tall characters were cast from a rubbery material.  The top panel is the art provided by the client we worked from, Below is 3 of each of  the completed characters .

Cast rubber characters with reference artwork

 A table full of completed characters.

Many custom made rubber character figures
Ff Spaced

The parts were all cast in the actual colors, then assembled.

Table full of cast rubber parts ready for assembly
Rubber toys figure pair
Rubber Yellow Guy figure
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Custom Access Hollywood Mic Flags

 A table full of cast resin mic flags for Access Hollywood.

Prop resin hamburger for commercial

A plastic rigid resin Stunt Burger. 

Fake Bacon Cheese Burger for

a Carls Junior commercial.

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 Rubber switch blade knifes &

 screw drivers for stunt work.

Rubber switch blade knife props
Rubber switch blade prop knives.jpg
Rubber scew driver props .jpg
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Cast sculpture resin castings

Two Music Boxes for a corporate customer. These short run manufacturing projects required us to make molds and plastic resin pieces for over 500 music boxes,  totaling about 15000 cast resin parts per each style  of music box.

Cast resin sculpture .jpg
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Cinderella Glass slipper Custom Prop

Cinderella Slippers for a Disney commercial cast from clear urethane resin.

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A Silicone Box Mold for casting parts
Silicone Mold inside
Pattern Making Master.jpg

 A large boxed silicone mold, with core plugs, for an industrial customer.

 The box disassembles to get the cast part out.  The pattern is on the left.

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Silicone foam mold for casting

  A Silicone mold for casting expanding soft flexible foam in. 

 Two of the soft foam cast parts in different densities. 

Silicone mold for foam
Cast soft foam parts
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Group of large silicone box molds

 A set of large silicone two part box molds for casting crystal shaped parts out of expanding rigid foam. 

Background Base.jpg
Cast resin red translucent spur and horseshoe

 Several cast tinted translucent parts.

 These were made to match the customers specs.

Cast custom rubber parts

Cast urethane elastomer parts used as unique door pulls for a Sony conference room.

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Cast Touch items for museum

We made a series of these items for a children's museum. They were meant to be touched and not seen. They were made from materials that would simulate the feel of the real item. They were mounted in the bottom of a dark sphere and the kids would be able touch them and try to identify what they were using only there sense of touch.

Iron Meteorite prop.jpg
Urethane Casting Textures.jpg
Fuzzy Caterpillar prop

Fuzzy Caterpillar

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Molds and castings with patterns

A group of patterns, molds, and casting for a custom barn model.

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Silicone mold set.jpeg
Resin Castings.jpeg

A group of molds and castings.

Mask Mold.jpg
Core Mold.jpg

Various multiple part silicone molds.

A large Jacketed two piece silicone mold for a mask.

Contact Background.jpg
Fiberglass mold set up.jpg

Large Silicone mold  in the

works with a Fiberglass

Jacket lay up.

Table full of many silicone molds

A table full of multiple part silicone molds.

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