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Ferrari Fabrication produces accurate patterns made to your specifications with a fast turn around. We can make them from many different materials to meet your needs.

See some examples below of patterns we have made in the past.

Fast Pass pattern .jpg

Pattern for a FastPass machine for Disneyland parks.

Atm surround pattern.jpg

 ATM Surround for Bank of America.

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Custom golf cart model and patterns .jpg
Core pattern for silicone mold.jpg

A pattern for a mold core.

1/4 scale Study model for a single person golf cart prototype

with 1/4 scale patterns and full size patterns.

Ff Spaced
Large Foam Pattern .jpg

7 foot wide foam pattern for Machine enclosure.

Male mold pattern.jpg

Large multiple piece wood Pattern.

2 piece pattern foam

2 Part Pattern.

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Long wood pattern .jpg

 12 foot long wood pattern for an industrial customer. This pattern was used to create a fiberglass mold.

A " Splat " shaped pattern to make a fiberglass mold from used to reproduce many of these parts.

Splat shaped wood pattern.jpg
Contact Background.jpg
Pattern Making Master.jpg

This large pattern for a silicone mold needed to have extremely precise measurements both in size and squareness. It was within several  thousands of an inch for both.

Pattern Making_edited.jpg
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