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Trade Show Props

Trade Show Props

Ferrari Fabrication creates Custom Props for Trade Shows.

We also build other items you may need for Exhibits, Events, and Displays.

Do you need an oversize example of your product for a trade show or display?

Are you looking for special fixtures or shelving to display products on?

Do you need table displays or props?

Are you looking for something just plain crazy?

We can provide what you want, contact us today to discuss your needs!

Oversize Paint Can Prop

We made this 4 foot tall oversize paint can to match the clients product.

The prop had a storage compartment on the back to store items in during the  shows.

The real can is next to the oversize prop below.

Oversize Paint Can Trade show prop
Oversize Paint can Trade show Prop
Oversize Paint Can backside.jpg
Paint Can Prop back2.jpeg
Trade show displays

Pacman Display Statue

We made this 6.5 foot tall Pacman Statue to be used for a trade show and to then be displayed permanently in a retail store.

Pacman Prop Statue
Pacman Statue Display Prop
Pacman prop for display
Pacman model work in progress
FF Background.jpg

 Oversize Earplug Trade Show Props

These oversize earplug props were made to promote the clients products at trade shows.

With a product as small as a real earplug it is difficult for customers to see them from a distance.


The answer is to create oversize props that stand out.

We made 5 different models of their products that were about 2 feet in length.

You can see the real earplugs in the bottom corner of the picture for reference.

Group of Ear Plug oversize models
Oversize Alpha Ear Plug Model
Earplug Prop Model BattlePlug
Oversize Glide earplug prop
Oversize Glide Trio earplug prop
Rocket earplug prop
Trade Show Props

Oversize Product DNA Collection Tube Prop

Oversize DNA collection tube trade show prop
Oversize collection tube display for biotech trade show

An oversize product prop of a DNA collection tube for a biotech company's trade show booth.

The Vial could be filled with water and then pumped out for transportation after the show. There were color cycling lights in the base and bottom of the vial to add an interesting effect.

Prop Light up Base
Oversize bottle cap prop.jpg
Trade Show Props

Oversize Product Package

An oversize product package for Liquid IV powder to be used as an event display.

Oversize product package prop for Liquid IV
Oversize Prop for Advertising Liquid IV
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Themed Product Display

A pair of themed product displays for trade show use.

Oversize Coffee cup spilling it's coffee and chocolate bar props.

Oversize Coffee cup prop for trade show
Oversize candy Bar prop for trade show
FF Background.jpg

Trade Show Prop Device Enclosures

Custom Trade Show Medical Prop
Medical tradeshow props

Product enclosures for a biotech company's product to be used for trade shows.

Medical prop custom for trade show
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Computer cart prop for event
Computer Prop for event
Ff Spaced

Oversize Popsicle Prop

Popsicle prop oversize for exhibit
Oversize popsicle stick prop

Oversize Melona popsicle prop for a trade show.

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Mechanical Art Piece for Private Event

Custom Mechanical Art Piece
Background Base.jpg

This 14 foot tall custom mechanical art piece featured an evolution theme.

Swimming Fish at the lower level, progressing to a hybrid bird / fish, and finally birds at the top.

The upper helix rotates slowly and the creatures with moving wings and tails change color and appear to swim and fly.

Mechanical Glowing Birds
Mechanical Bird Props
Ff Spaced

Setting up at event

Mechanical art exhibit custom made for event
mechanical glowing fish for event
Mechanicle birds for event
Mechanical swimming fish
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Bird mechanical with lights
Mechanical Bird prototype prop

Testing function of hybrid Bird Fish &  Bird

Ff Spaced

Display Towers For Trade Show Products

Custom product display  stand  for trade show use

We made several of these towers . They were made from Birch plywood and Gloss black acrylic, they had illumination on the top surface and underneath each shelf to light up the products.

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Display Stand for products
Ff Spaced
Product tower for displayof items
Trade show display tower in progress
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These also had a locking compartment in the bottom to provide storage at the show

Pelican tower Bottom.jpg
pelican tower mid.jpg
Ff Spaced

Headphone Speaker Pods For Sema Show Concept Car

Oversize headphone props for SEMA show trade show
Custom made oversize prop headphones

These speaker pods were built to represent a sponsor's headphones.  They were hung from the roll bar inside a custom concept car for the SEMA automotive show.

Headphone pods props
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Holiday Decorations For Universal Studios

Trolls Christmas Ornament display

These ornaments for Universal Studios were  20" in diameter and had a clear convex dome with a gradient colored  tint  covering the image. We made different  12 styles.

Christmas Ornament Universal Studios
Christmas decorations Universal Studios
Plastic formed ornament parts

Formed plastic parts ready to be assembled.

The Ornament were mounted to poles at the entry way to Universal Studios. 

FF Background.jpg
Hello Kitty ornament
Minion Ornament Prop
Large Shreck ornament
Shrek Donkey Ornament
Trolls ornament large display
Frog Ornament
Po custom made Christmas ornament
Grinch custom ornament
Large Minion custom ornament
Grinch Dog character ornament
King Julien custom ornament

The different styles of ornaments and installed at Universal Studios.

Universal studios display
Background Base_edited.jpg

Trade Show Booth Round Table Top

Pelian trade show custom table

10 foot diameter round sectional

table top that broke down into 3 parts

for transportation.

Round table top for trade show booth
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